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2020 EEON Events in Review

2020 is going to be a wonderful year for EEON, we are planning for  seven events, including our bi-annual “Learn, Think, Do” summit.

May 20th: LGBTIQ+, What’s new in the workplace online seminar.

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I hope you enjoyed our last virtual EEON event titled ‘LGBTIQ+ inclusion, What’s new in the workplace?’ I want to thank Sarah CoxKim LeePaul Byrne-Moroney and Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli for a heart-warming and interactive discussion. Our first virtual learning environment on a larger scale with a combination of pre-recorded videos and 25 minutes of audience engagement and discussion. Trying to create a safe space to allow people to tell their stories, talk about their experiences and be their authentic selves on-line can be a challenge. I hope the learnings will help to further develop and accelerate our work! Our administrator said running the session was like flying a 747. Well done! We had a good flight.

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February 26th: Diversity in Leadership: What are the Outcomes for People with a Disability?


Presented by Christina Ryan and Mark Glasgodine

Thanks Christina Ryan and Mark Glascodine for sharing years of knowledge and practice to deliver an informed, engaging and inspiring session that should provide the catalyst to accelerate people with disability in leadership. Powerful storytelling and interaction.

EEON would like to thank those who came along to the event. We hope you enjoyed it.

We were fully booked and for the first time, ran out of chairs. We also asked people to take their phones out during session to post learnings on social media. The event was live captioned and a copy of the transcript can be obtained by emailing

Some great takeaways and quotes include:

“Everybody knows that culture comes from the top. If you don’t have buy in from your executive team, from your CEO and your executive team you’re not going anywhere with changing culture, with shifting it, with it becoming more inclusive. So we need people with disabilities in those spaces.”

“We need to be in the boardrooms, we need to be in the executive leadership teams. If we’re not there, we’re not going to get anywhere. We can be talking about inclusion policy until the cows come home, it won’t do anything if we don’t have people at the top”

“People talk for us, but very rarely are we the ones in the room speaking for ourselves, particularly in rooms of power”

“There are very ableist expectations about what leadership should look like.”

“Honestly, it’s about making the decision and doing it. That’s how we’ve done it in other fields, it’s time we did that in disability. This is not rocket science.”

All these events would not be possible without the generous contribution of our sponsor:

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