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In this interactive on-line forum, we will hear about the lived experiences of three people from the LGBTIQ+ community.

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In recent years, there has been much progress to ensure LGBTIQ+ inclusion in the workplace. Workplaces and organisations have committed to ensure their LGBTIQ+ staff and customers are able to be their authentic self in the workplace. Organisations are increasingly having a better understand of LGBTIQ+ inclusion in workplaces, informed by the research and evolving practices. All these collective efforts are helping to create more inclusive and equitable workplaces for our LGBTIQ+ communities.

However, there are still on-going challenges faced by LGBTIQ+ individuals in the workplace.

In this interactive on-line forum, we will hear about the lived experiences of three people from the LGBTIQ+ community, interviewed by researcher and advocate Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli. The interviews will be pre-recorded but our panellists will be available live at the event to answer your questions. We will allow plenty of time for questions.

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Moderator: Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Kim Lee, Paul Byrne-Moroney, and Sarah Cox
Biographies of out panel can be found on the Eventbrite page here

Key areas of discussion include:

  • To identify areas of improvement in relation to intersectionality and LGBTIQ+ inclusion strategies
  • To uncover and unpack more complex LGBTIQ+ issues in workplaces
  • To advocate for intersex specific strategies and policies in the workplace
  • To break down systemic and administrative barriers faced by trans and gender diverse employees and consumers
  • To reaffirm the role of leaders to create LGBTIQ+ inclusive workplace
  • To commit to on-going learning and improvement in LGBTIQ+ inclusion that will foster belonging and social cohesion
  • To offer new ways of going forward to accelerate our progress

In the 2018 Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) survey, conducted by Pride in Diversity:

  • 91% of LGBTI staff reported that work still needs to be done to support diversity at work
  • Micro aggression in forms of jokes or negative comments persist, with some respondents reported that their managers did not intervene and/or have witnessed managers making such comments
  • Gay men are most likely to benefit from inclusion initiatives (60% of respondents) in comparison to 52% of lesbians
  • Only around 50% of bisexual men and women feel comfortable disclosing their sexuality to their manager
  • Under half of trans and gender diverse respondents reported that inclusion strategies benefit gender diverse employees
  • For intersex respondents, only 44% would share information about their intersex characteristics depending on context

There are also differences between metropolitan, regional and rural workplaces:

  • Those in regional and rural areas reported that they are more likely to hide their sexuality (22%)
  • 55% of trans and gender diverse employees feel they could be their authentic self at work in comparison to 66% in the cities
  • Bullying based on sexuality and gender identity was higher in regional and rural areas than in the metropolitan areas

LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Policies and Strategies need to cater for the unique challenges faced by people within the LGBTIQ+ community to ensure that their identities are recognised and included as part of inclusion strategies.

For LGBTIQ+ individuals with intersectional identities, the intersections between LGBTIQ+ with race, ethnicity, faith, disability, Indigeneity and many more can create additional challenges in the workplace. This indicates that LGBTIQ+ inclusion is an on-going process to ensure that LGBTIQ+ employees and consumers can be fully appreciated, valued and be their authentic self with all of their intersectionalities without fear of discrimination, micro-aggression, and prejudices.

The purpose of the forum is to encourage employers and Diversity and Inclusion practitioners to reflect on their current practices in LGBTIQ+ inclusion and work towards ensuring that LGBTIQ+ staff and consumers are treated with respect and dignity across the entire organisation, and the ability to participate in all aspects of work life.

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2020 EEON Events in Review

2020 is going to be a wonderful year for EEON, as you can see from the above image, we are planning for  seven events, including our bi-annual “Learn, Think, Do” summit.

February 26th: Diversity in Leadership: What are the Outcomes for People with a Disability?


Presented by Christina Ryan and Mark Glasgodine

Thanks Christina Ryan and Mark Glascodine for sharing years of knowledge and practice to deliver an informed, engaging and inspiring session that should provide the catalyst to accelerate people with disability in leadership. Powerful storytelling and interaction.

EEON would like to thank those who came along to the event. We hope you enjoyed it.

We were fully booked and for the first time, ran out of chairs. We also asked people to take their phones out during session to post learnings on social media. The event was live captioned and a copy of the transcript can be obtained by emailing

Some great takeaways and quotes include:

“Everybody knows that culture comes from the top. If you don’t have buy in from your executive team, from your CEO and your executive team you’re not going anywhere with changing culture, with shifting it, with it becoming more inclusive. So we need people with disabilities in those spaces.”

“We need to be in the boardrooms, we need to be in the executive leadership teams. If we’re not there, we’re not going to get anywhere. We can be talking about inclusion policy until the cows come home, it won’t do anything if we don’t have people at the top”

“People talk for us, but very rarely are we the ones in the room speaking for ourselves, particularly in rooms of power”

“There are very ableist expectations about what leadership should look like.”

“Honestly, it’s about making the decision and doing it. That’s how we’ve done it in other fields, it’s time we did that in disability. This is not rocket science.”

All these events would not be possible without the generous contribution of our sponsor:

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