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The Equal Employment Opportunity Network hosts up to six events each year. Each forum is designed and chosen for its potential to develop the skills and knowledge of our members and to spark discussion. Members and guests alike are welcome at all events. Attendance is free for members, who get first access to each forum. Please visit our membership page to become a part of the EEON community. We also welcome guests, so If you are not a member of EEON but would like to attend a specific event, please contact us. You can stay up to date with all our events by following us on Twitter or LinkedIn, or by joining our mailing list, which is open to members and non-members alike.

Final Event for the year

EEON would like to warmly invite you to our last event for 2020 in partnership for the fifth year in a row with the Australian Intercultural Society


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Join Aboriginal leaders Karen Milward, Stephen Walsh, Sara Alden and special guests in a panel discussion on “Conversations from the Heart

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You are invited to join EEON on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, for a panel discussion

Modern Ageing in a Modern Workforce

You are invited to join EEON on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, for a panel discussion 

People are now working and living longer and healthier lives. As a result, more are seeking a fuller and more varied range of experiences during their career and life journey compared to that of their parent's or grandparents' which was typically working one job until retirement. 

Conscious Ageing is a perspective that sees Ageing as life stages full of potential and purpose, growth and service to the community.

The reality of many workplaces is that they are not ready for an ageing workforce and need to be more inclusive. There is value for workplaces having mature employees, because of their corporate history, experience, well-developed skills and their extensive professional network. 

Often people don't want to draw attention to their age for fear of falling victim to 'grey ceiling' discrimination (Martin) older-workers-fall-victim-to-grey-ceiling-discrimination The grey ceiling is a real phenomenon and the result of ageism, a form of discrimination that denies mature workers equal opportunity and equitable treatment in the workplace.

This panel discussion will unpack the personal and professional elements of 'Modern Ageing in a Modern Workforce', including

  • How age discrimination can affect people in employment
  • Conscious Ageing - "Unpacking the personal awareness of conscious ageing as we transition through the stages of our life." 
  • Ageing throughout our career 
  • A Case Study - conscious planning for your future beyond full-time employment.

We are looking forward to a rich Q&A session which might  include topics such as:

  • Wisdom, stepping into elderhood and deconstructing one's experience  
  • Age discrimination in employment and its personal impacts (including invisibility) and impact on the economy
  • What does a modern workplace look like for mature age workers? 
  • Practical strategies to make your workplace age ready and more inclusive
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