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The Equal Employment Opportunity Network hosts up to six events each year. Each forum is designed and chosen for its potential to develop the skills and knowledge of our members and to spark discussion. Members and guests alike are welcome at all events. Attendance is free for members, who get first access to each forum. Please visit our membership page to become a part of the EEON community. We also welcome guests, so If you are not a member of EEON but would like to attend a specific event, please contact us. You can stay up to date with all our events by following us on Twitter or LinkedIn, or by joining our mailing list, which is open to members and non-members alike.

First Event for 2021

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EEON would like to warmly invite you to our first event for 2021 in partnership with NEEOPA and DPA


DPANEEOPA and EEON have joined forces for our premiere event of 2021 on Thursday 25 February 

12.30pm - 2.00pm (SYD & MEL)

11.30pm - 1.00pm (QLD)


We are proud to partner together to bring you a forum discussing women in STEM and how to tackle the prevailing barriers in creating more gender-equal industries.

In this virtual event, we are excited to present some of Australia’s thought leaders and doers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Our expert panel will explore the following themes and provide practical strategies you can use immediately in your workplace, or in your entrepreneurial endeavours: 

  • attraction and how to inspire the next generation and end under-representation
  • how we reshape the stories we share about STEM to address enduring myths
  • rethinking attraction to grow our pipeline, rather than ‘rob’ one another for great talent 
  • why women leave STEM: the challenges of underrepresntation and covert discriminatory practices 
  • practical strategies to make schools, universities and workplaces ready and more inclusive 


This event will be FREE to attend. 

We encourage everyone to attend of any gender and any age. 

We would especially encourage secondary school aged kids to join us as this event is sure to spark their imagination of how wide and woderful the STEM world can be.


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