Duncan Smith

Duncan helps local and global leaders work better with each other and their teams. 

As an advisor, educator, facilitator, and coach, Duncan helps leaders build trust, hold open and honest conversations, make more inclusive decisions, build high functioning teams, use the power of diversity to solve problems, and build stronger working relationships.

He has worked in 24 countries across 4 continents, with clients including numerous multi-national companies; local, state, and national governments; non-profits; and academia. 

Duncan holds a BA in Comparative Religion from Trinity College and a M.Ed. from Harvard focusing on Organizational Behaviour and Adult Learning. He has been an Honorary Fellow of Melbourne Business School, a coach for the Forum on Workplace Inclusion, and a mentor for the Inclusion Allies Coalition.

Duncan has trained in multiple Instructional Design and Action Learning methods. A member of the Expert Panel for the Global Inclusion and Diversity Benchmarks since 2011, in 2018 he released the book Foundations of Diversity

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