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Here are some details on people who are presenting from RMIT today.

Prof. Kay Latham

Professor Kay Latham.
Dean of STEMM Diversity and Inclusion. Read more

Amy Love head pic

Amy Love, 
Diversity & Inclusion Manager at RMIT.

Amy is committed to the realisation of RMIT’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Plans 2020 and beyond. As part of her leadership, she works closely with Pride and Diversity, Australian Network on Disability and Workplace Gender Equality Agency. She has a particular interest in promoting inclusive, accessible and contemporary ways of working.

Through Amy’s leadership and RMIT’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the University has been named the top employer on the Australian Network on Disability’s Access and Inclusion Index, an Employer of Choice for Women recognised by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, and the Employer of the Year for LGBTI inclusion with Pride in Diversity.  

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Chrissy Beling (she/her pronouns)

Chrissy is a Student in Bachelor of Business Management (Honours), Research Thesis: “The prevalence of Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making in High Consequence Industries: Aviation”. 

Chrissy is passionate about the social dynamics of the workplace, Chrissy has worked for a year as a Project Officer for RMIT’s D&I team. Now, currently completing her Bachelor of Business Management (Honours) thesis. Chrissy is drawn to HRM as a foundation for knowledge, research and the heart of change in an organisation. 

Chrissy draws on her own experiences as a young Sri Lankan-Australian woman growing up in regional Victoria to shape her experiences of inclusion, and ‘belonging’. Chrissy hopes to further her career – after she completes her thesis later this year – in D&I and hopes to continue a career founded in advocacy, development, and removing barriers from the workplace. 

Connect with Chrissy on LinkedIn

Emma Rae

Emma Rae

Emma Rae is a PhD candidate in the school of accounting at RMIT.  

She is a director on the board of WIRE Women’s Information Referral Exchange and the former chair of the CPA Women’s Committee. She teaches accounting and auditing.

Her research topic is “Reporting on gender equality by the Big 4 accounting firms”.  

If you wish to contact Emma please use her email below 

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