Wendy Lundgaard

Wendy Lundgaard

Principal Consultant and CEO,
Win-Win Workplace Strategies Pty Ltd


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Wendy is an award winning HR leader & also D&I advisor. Her  behaviour change practice includes a focus on culture change by building safe, respectful and genuinely inclusive workplaces for all.  

“Today’s new behaviour is the beginning of tomorrow’s new habit ”   Robin Sharma

Diversity efforts are only sustainable when supported by an inclusive workplace culture which in turn is created by the collective attitudes, beliefs and behaviours (aka habits) of the workforce. In this session Wendy shares innovative tools and practical ways to mobilise the whole workforce to be more inclusive in everyday behaviours. Our unique ‘Poster & Pledge Campaign’ initiative engages the head, inspires the heart and builds in accountability around specific new habits: critical in creating inclusive workplace cultures so all can thrive. 

Are you seeking to advance beyond the LEARN & THINK loop to the critical DO phase? Put good intentions into practical effect through well-defined new habits which promote inclusion using nudge tools, progress tracking and accountability. 

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