Women of Colour Conference

#ColourFull, Advancing women of colour in leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Introducing ColourFULL – Australia’s first leadership and entrepreneurship conference for women of colour!

If you are a woman of colour and you want to:

  • Take your career to the next level
  • Be a leader of impact and influence
  • Create change in your life and find your next job
  • Take action and be supported to turn your dreams into a reality
  • Create a profitable business
  • Network and join a community of powerful and ambitious women of colour
  • Attend a conference and hear from inspiring women of colour speakers
  • Attend an event where women of colour ARE the focus, are recognised and rewarded

Then this event is for you!

If you are an ally (non-woman of colour) and you want to:

  • Hear from women of colour first hand regarding barriers they are facing
  • Learn strategies and solutions to support women of colour to advance in leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Develop skills to create opportunities and remove barriers for women of colour
  • Create a more diverse recruitment and talent pipeline
  • Support women of colour led startups

Then this event is for you!

#ColourFULL is inclusive of all beautiful non-binary, all abilities and transgender people.

Get the below & more by attending #ColourFULL and take your life to the next level:

  • Feel the energy of being in a room with over 600 incredible, powerful, driven and ambitious women of colour and network your heart away! Form friendships, feel supported through a like minded community, find mentors, business partners and more!
  • Receive an exclusive and powerful Made for More! strategy action book to work through at the conference, which will give you an action plan to move your career/business and life forward with abundance and prosperity.
  • Receive free resources, templates, tools, strategies, freebies to amplify your career, business and life.
  • Get 1:1 personalised feedback, mentoring & advice on your resume, LinkedIn profile, interview skills, job applications and personal branding through our careers hub.
  • Get a professional headshot to put on your LinkedIn profile, website etc.
  • Get 1:1 personalised feedback, mentoring and advice on your business/side hustle/startup through our entrepreneurship hub.
  • Learn how to leverage what makes you unique and create a brand and story that positions you and your career/business as a leader in your chosen field.
  • Grow and expand your networks and therefore your ‘net-worth’ through a like-minded community who will help you prosper, grow and succeed.
  • Create a unique and powerful personal brand that impacts, inspires & influences others.
  • Get a mentor, sponsor or coach to feel genuinely supported & create a support network who will be your number 1 cheerleader, open networks and opportunities for you.
  • Get instant access to #ColourFULL awards and ‘see it so you can be it’.
  • Attend an incredible event in a gorgeous event space in Melbourne CBD.
  • Learn now to advance women of colour in your organisation strategically and operationally.
  • Increase your recruitment and talent pipeline through attending an event filled with talented and skilled women of colour who are eager to advance in their career.
  • Increase the diversity of your investment portfolio through attending an event filled with incredible ideas and startups that are ready to scale.

Date & Time: 1 December 2020 (8.30am-7.30pm)

Agenda: For a copy of the program please email us at hello[at]aminaofzaria.com. Scroll down to see our amazing line up of speakers (Shhhhh…..someone said that there might be a surprise international speaker!).

Expect sessions on:

  • Business storytelling to amplify and influence others.
  • Personal branding to stand out and stick out.
  • Leveraging networks mentors and sponsors.
  • Finding the warrior within and daring to dream.
  • Levelling up our mindset to accelerate our career and businesses
  • Speed mentoring and networking session – grow your networks and meet incredible women of colour!
  • How to find and start your side hustle.
  • Scaling your (profitable!) business.
  • Being a woman of colour leader; identity and owning who you are in the workplace.
  • Financial independence: how to earn it, grow it and retire early.

Note: Speakers, sessions and session times are subject to change without notice due to the nature of running events.

Location: RMIT Capitol Theatre, Melbourne Australia. Expect a crowd of +600 to gather at this luxurious and beautiful venue!

More info at this link: ColourFULL 2020

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