2019 EEON Events in Review

2019 was a huge year for us – as you can see from the above image, we planned for and delivered seven incredible events this year, with an average of 100 attendees at each event. We learned, we asked questions, we networked, we created an environment in which new thoughts, ideas and knowledge around diversity and inclusion are generously shared.

February 27th: Diversity & Inclusion Approaches with REAL ‘cut through’ and Metrics that Matter

Presented by Fiona Krautil & Wendy Lundgaard

Our first Equal Employment Opportunity Network (EEON) event for the year with Fiona Krautil and Wendy Lundgaard, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Maturity Impact Model, attracted around 100 Melbourne D&I practitioners. There was some great energy, learning and sharing (see photos above). We got some positive feedback from New York about our how we managed to get so many D&I practitioners in one room working together.

It really brought to our attention the complexity of our work (which is often underestimated), our shared and common purpose (and working in an inclusive style), the openness to different approaches, and finally how we distil this information in a succinct and understandable way. Our work can often happen in isolation, so it’s good to find a safe and re-energizing space to meet.

Key themes and learning areas included:

  • Develop the right strategy balance between diversity + inclusion
  • Create the space for new diversity & inclusion conversations that engage and mobilise your leaders and staff to take action
  • Source targeted demographic data and implement suitable performance indicators to drive accountability and make strategic D & I decisions
  • Measure success through an overall organisational measurement vs success of individual initiatives
  • Create meaningful employee voice opportunities and feedback.

April 9: Attitudes to Gender Equity and Getting Men Engaged in Workplace Initiatives

Presented by Pia Rowe and Dr Michael Flood

EEON would like to thank Pia Rowe and Michael Flood for their thought provoking presentation at EEON’s April 2019 forum on Attitudes to gender equity and getting men engaged in workplace initiatives.

With 120 D&I practitioners in the room, we heard a powerful and sobering message on the state of gender equity in Australia and how to identify and dismantle backlash. Two expert perspectives at one event.

 Some of the remarkable findings from presentation included:

  • 88% of Australians agreeing that gender inequality is still a problem in Australia
  • 42% of Australian men believing that men and boys are increasingly excluded from measures to improve gender equity
  • 41% of men believe political correctness gives women an advantage in the workplace
  • A profound national knowledge gap in gender equity issues

Michael explored the current gender climate exploring some of the following concepts:

  • How resistance to gender equality plays out in workplaces, individually and collectively
  • The forms and characters of resistance, including passive and hostile behaviours and actions
  • Men’s everyday relations with women and the roles that men can and do play in positive change
  • Making the case to men that they will benefit from progress towards gender equality
  • Engaging men and male leaders in robust and effective ways

June 11: Intergenerational Diversity in Workplaces


Presented by Kevin Henderson

At our June event, we had an amazing and interactive conversation on intergenerational inclusion at with Kevin Henderson from Eli Lilly.

The presentation explored a contemporary and innovative intergenerational model that focused on priority areas of culture, expectations and communication, education, systems and processes. Key learning areas include:

  • Strategies to bridge the generational gaps

  • Setting programs that integrate the younger and older generation together

  • Developing inclusion programs to support an evolving workforce

  • Increasing engagement of all employees

  • Implementing knowledge management initiatives

Key takeaways included:

“You are an individual before anything else”

“Respectful conversations and recognised value”

“Using proof of concept to develop a robust model and calibrating outcomes”

“Doing the work with integrity”

“Paying it forward”

August 21: Creating Culturally and Psychologically Safe Workplaces (Melbourne)

August 23: Creating Culturally and Psychologically Safe Workplaces (Geelong)

Presented by our panel in Melbourne: Karen Milward, Caroline Crosse, Matthew Parker and Rana Ebrahimi (photo left)

Presented by our panel in Geelong: Bonnie Chew, Sarah Cotton, Dr Leigh Kibby, Budi Sudarto



These sessions unpacked cultural and psychological safety through a diversity and inclusion lens, contemplating one’s lived experience as well as professional practice. We were really moved by how the panel was able to share their unique and varied experiences, and how it weaved together as our human experience.

Some of the learnings included:

– the right to be yourself anytime/anywhere

– lived experience moments extending beyond events

– being curious and compassionate (continuous immersive experiences)

– normalising differences in the workplace

– avoiding the ‘coal mine canary’ approach t tell you if something is wrong

– feeling open to share unwellness.

– Raise awareness – once attitudes change, behaviours change

October 8: Stop Fixing Women: A Circuit Breaker to Finally Deliver Change

Presented by Catherine Fox

Leading commentator on women and the workforce, an award-winning journalist and author Catherine Fox talked about new approaches to achieving gender equality in workplaces.

She examined current and contemporary thinking and practices in gender equity, that engage, empower and enable people, and address the systemic and structural barriers that still persist in Australia.

Some of the great learnings included:

“It’s not about innovation, it’s about intention”

 “Gender inequality is due to bias not differences in behaviour”

“Fixing is not supporting”

“Changes are in parcels”

 “Let’s look at changing informal dynamics”

November 8: The Lucky Country Beyond 2020: Achieving Equitable & Just Workplaces (presented in conjunction with the Australian Intercultural Society)

Presented by Professor Yin Paradies

Yin talked about the concept of equity, equality, social justice, social cohesion, sustainability, migration, leadership, racism, populist parties, workplace values and the future of workplaces, societies and the Earth including the role of Indigenous knowledge

Yin unpacks complexity well and makes his concepts clear and easy to understand. A layered presentation that made you think and think again. Thanks for coming along to share the learning. And thanks to Australian Intercultural Society for partnering with us for the fourth year in a row, and for filming the presentation.

All these events would not be possible without the generous contribution of our sponsor:

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