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Benefits of Joining

The benefits of becoming a member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Network are in keeping with our mission to help all organisations prosper by employing and engaging a diverse workforce.

EEON is a forum where like-minded professionals can meet and showcase examples of best practice in diversity, inclusion and equal employment opportunity. We are a not-for-profit organisation that aims to serve our membership by minimising fees and maximising benefits. We create opportunities for our members and guests to learn and exchange information about current issues in diversity, inclusion and equal employment opportunity.

benefits to members

benefits to Organisations


Our Membership Plans

If you have any problem with you membership please contact Adrian via 

Memberships are for 12 months commencing the month of purchase. If you are renewing we will add 12 months to your existing Membership.

for a Not-for-Profit please see the bottom of the page or contact Adrian at 

Up to 3 Attendees


and larger enterprises greater than 200 employees


Up to 2 Attendees


Less than  200 employees and community organisations



Individual Member




Proof required


Who are our members

Typically our members come from a diverse range of job roles and backgrounds

Diversity Managers

In corporate & government organisations

HR Professionals

responsible for Diversity practices within their organisation


who work in the diversity and inclusion area

Business Owners

or Senior Leaders passionate about diversity

Community Based Organisations


Diversity and Human Rights Agencies
Genuine Interest

in diversity, inclusion and equity

Are You a Community Based Organisation or NFP?

EEON values diversity, inclusion and accessibility. We would like to continue to strengthen our relationships with community based organisations who share these values and who may not be able to afford our Corporate of SME membership rates. Therefore, the committee will assess expressions of interest from community based organisations for EEON membership on a case by case basis, based on your organisation’s values, financial position and contribution to the community.