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Upcoming Events and Webinars

EEON are proud to present a Q&A panel session on Creating Culturally and Psychologically Safe Workplaces.

Many organisations are identifying that employee wellbeing and mental health play a critical role in driving diversity & inclusion efforts. This requires organisations and Human Resource (including D&I) professionals to be provide a safe work environment for people to comfortably and confidently raise issues and concerns, share information about themselves and be able to bring their authentic selves to work.   

The panel will seek to explore the concept and practice of Cultural and Psychological safety through their own lived experiences and practices. Cultural safety can cut across many dimensions individually and in combination, for example, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Faith, Disability, LGBTIQ, Age. The panel will also explore the intersection of psychological safety and cultural safety through a diversity & inclusion lens, including how it affects organisational culture, workplace systems, team environment and the individual. 

Cultural safe workplaces are environments that are safe for people: where there is no challenge or denial of their identity, of who they are and what they need. It is about shared respect, shared meaning, shared knowledge and experience, of learning, living and working together with dignity and truly listening. (Williams, 2008).

Culturally safe places:

  • Are welcoming and inclusive 

  • Hold culture in high esteem

  • Recognise Country and its people

  • Provide spaces for Belonging, Being and Becoming together

  • Reflect everyone’s culture

  • Involve people and things that are important to individuals

Psychologically safe workplaces allow people to show and conduct themselves without fear of negative consequences, of self-image, status or career; which are important in workplace collaboration and teamwork.  

Psychologically safe places allow people to:

  • Speak up in meetings to propose a risky or untested idea

  • Freely admit and address mistakes, shortcomings and failure 

  • Disagree or offer a different way forward than they'd previously considered regardless of hierarchy or status

  • Stick up for a teammate in the face of adversity

  • Show emotions when they are under pressure or stressed out

 Key learning areas include:

  • Steps on how to foster cultural and psychological safety in your workplace

  • Building interpersonal trust and respect (engaging all people)

  • Examining issues in relation to cultural load and isolation

  • Addressing issues such as covering by affiliation, advocacy, association or appearance 

  • Enhancing and enabling organisational culture, workplace systems, team environments and individuals

  • Practical strategies to make workplaces cultural safety from different frameworks and multiple diversity lenses 

This session will have plenty of practical actions and takeaways and opportunities for participants to share their experiences. A must for advancing your Diversity, Inclusion and Equity initiatives. 

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