September 15, 2020,
Live Via Zoom

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The bi-annual EEON Inclusion & Diversity Summit is coming back! An opportunity to spend time with engaged practitioners all working towards a common goal to learn, think, & do!

“There is no more important time than now to be working in diversity and inclusion. Diversity is everywhere and inclusion being identified by everyone”

You can read more about the day’s events by checking out the: 2020 Summit Brochure.

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About the Summit

Enabling Inclusion & Diversity Summit

At EEON we believe you create change by learning then doing. Our vision is to help Australia’s workplaces become more diverse, equitable and inclusive. As such, we are pleased to invite you to be part of this change by becoming involved in our interactive summit. This amazing summit will enable participants – including leaders, HR, OD and D&I practitioners to walk away with tangible actions that will make a difference to their work, the people in their organisation and Australia.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi

This National Summit will be like no other inclusion and diversity conferences in 2020.  This is an amazing opportunity to build your reputation and brand as well as learning and forging new partnerships. With limited sponsorship opportunities, we encourage you to act quickly.

 About the Summit

The 2020 Enabling Inclusion and Diversity Summit will bring together people and organisations from across Australia who truly value diversity and inclusion. You will also get people’s lived experience of diversity and those who have inspired change.

Date and location

  • 15 September 2020, 8.30am to 5.00pm
  • RMIT University, Storey Hall, Building 16, 336 – 348 Swanston St, Melbourne

* It is likely that we will be unable to meet face to face so this event is planned to be streamed but will still be very interactive:

    • We may need to pre-record the keynotes or live stream them from our Summit venue at RMIT’s Storey Hall
    • We may need to live stream the Summit from the venue and have participants dial in from home or from a safe location
    • We might consider breakout sessions using a variety of media platforms and will make sure your voices are heard during the Summit
    • We will ensure that the quality and the level of interaction at the Summit will not be diminished

We will inform you along the way of any changes as they occur

 Summit Objectives

  • Learn to influence, engage and enable
  • Apply fresh thinking to address systemic issues
  • Reinvigorate your focus and sense of purpose
  • Making a difference and amplifying your impact at scale
  • Walk away with practical ideas and actions

 Summit Themes

  • Creating Inclusion and Diversity leaders – unlocking your I&D potential
  • Evolution of I&D practice – working across all dimensions of diversity
  • Cultural and Psychological safety – identity, self-determination and immersive experiences
  • Future workplaces (AI, design for dignity, personalisation, teleworking & virtual reality)
  • Dismantling power and privilege and overcoming resistance, understanding intersectionality
  • Impact of global issues on our practice

Summit Program

8.30am registration and housekeeping

PART 1 – 9am

Opening Remarks including: Acknowledgement of Country, Address by RMIT Vice Chancellor, Welcome by EEON President

Introduction of Summit objectives – Lachlan Fairburn, Summit facilitator

KEYNOTE 1 – Russell James (Coles Group) Applying business principles to drive inclusion outcomes

Learning Activity Part 1 – Duncan Smith (ADC associates) Ethnocentrism in D&I practice, five approaches, Global Benchmarks

PART 2 – 11am

Activity – Mutuality analysis using Diversity Atlas Rezza Moieni (Cultural Infusion)

KEYNOTE 2 – Fadzi Whande (Western Power) How workplaces can bring healing by embracing racial equity in the Inclusion agenda. Followed by Activity.

KEYNOTE 3 – Karen Farquharson (University of Melbourne) Unpacking white privilege in diversity management.
Followed by Activity.

PART 3 – 2pm

Opening Remarks by Amy Love (RMIT)

Virtual Stalls, Roundtables and Key Learning activities

Virtual roundtable topic 1: Accessibility embedding lasting change 

Virtual roundtable topic 2: Future workplaces

Learning Activity Part 2 – Duncan Smith Concerns about D&I becoming an exclusive industry who’s not in the room?

Learning Activity Rezza Moieni Mutuality analysis using Diversity Atlas revisited

PART 4 – 3:45pm

Learning Activity Part 3 – Duncan Smith – Having a D&I practice that’s both Global and Local

KEYNOTE 4 – Asif Sadiq (Adidas) The Journey from Diversity and Inclusion to Belonging.

Wrapping up, reflections from conversation leads and keynotes

5.00pm Conference closes

5:30pm Time for networking (break out rooms open)

Our Facilitator

Lachlan Fairburn

You can expect Lachlan to be down to earth and real in the way that he engages with groups and individuals, adapting to the needs of the audience in creating an environment where professionals can learn from each other, share best practice and create capacity for growth.   


Fadzi Whande

Fadzi head pic

Principal Consultant Diversity and Inclusion, Western Power 

How workplaces can bring healing by embracing racial equity in the Inclusion agenda. 

Fadzi’s keynote will explore the need to view race  through the lens of social justice and human dignity in order to promote belonging. 

This session will explore 

  • power and privilege and the structures that continue to uphold a white-centered culture.
  •  racial equity in an intersectional context
  • innovative models used to address racism in the workplace

Asif Sadiq MBE

Asif head pic

Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Adidas

The Journey from Diversity and Inclusion to Belonging.

In an ever changing world where no one defined by one particular characteristic, it is important for us to create environments that allow individuals to bring their authentic selves to work.

The key note will explore:

  • The importance of moving away from diversity boxes
  • How to create truly inclusive environments, that engage the entire workplace in D&I
  • Why belonging matters and how do we achieve it
  • Authentic leadership and real models 
  • Leading practices in the UK, including disability and racial equity reporting, and other cutting edge work

Russell James

Russell Head pic

Head of Indigenous Affairs, Coles Group

Applying business principles to drive inclusion outcomes

  • Coles’ journey to becoming the largest private sector employer of Indigenous Australians
  • Embedding inclusive recruitment strategies sustainably  
  • Building inclusive, safe and welcoming work environments
  • Tailored approach to diversity and inclusion – not one sit fits all

Karen Farquharson

Karen Head Pic

Head of the School of Social and Political Sciences and Professor of Sociology at the University of Melbourne

Unpacking white privilege in diversity management

My session will explore

  • White privilege
  • The value of diversity
  • The challenges of implementing diversity management in Australia
  • Things that organisations can do to foster diversity

Welcome to Country by

Karen Milward Karen Milward

Conversation Leads

 Navanita Bhattacharya

 Winitha Bonney 

 Hutch Hussain

 Ahmet Keskin

 Michelle Sheppard

 Duncan Smith

 Chrissy Thomson

Supporting activities by

Amy Love

Amy Love head pic

Diversity & inclusion Manager, RMIT

Amy is committed to the realisation of RMIT’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Plans 2020 and beyond. As part of her leadership, she works closely with Pride and Diversity, Australian Network on Disability and Workplace Gender Equality Agency. She has a particular interest in promoting inclusive, accessible and contemporary ways of working.

Through Amy’s leadership and RMIT’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the University has been named the top employer on the Australian Network on Disability’s Access and Inclusion Index, an Employer of Choice for Women recognised by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, and the Employer of the Year for LGBTI inclusion with Pride in Diversity.  

Rezza Moieni

Rezza Head Pic

Project Director, Cultural Infusion

Equal opportunity is a key concept underpinning diversity and inclusion. But aiming just for diversity alone is not the same as building a workforce that is representative of the diversity of the community. Benchmarking diversity against the community in order to understand how representative workforces are and to uncover diversity gaps is a concept known as mutuality. Measuring mutuality it is a key way for organisations to track the impact of their D&I strategies. However, understanding how to benchmark and how to collect the data required is a challenge for many organisations. In this activity-based learning session, Cultural Infusion will explore the importance of benchmarking workforce diversity to the community, explore the benefits that mutuality brings to organisations and communities, and demonstrate how organisations can conduct a mutuality analysis using Diversity Atlas

Duncan Smith

Duncan Head Pic

Principal ADC Associates

  • Ethnocentrism in D&I practice – the 5 approaches to D&I from the Global Benchmarks and how we can get into silos and make assumptions within the D&I field
  • Having a D&I strategy and practice that’s both Global and Local – What gets in the way of my being able to bridge the gap between local and Global D&I? What gets in the way of people working well together globally (teams)? When doing D&I work globally, what blind spots do we have? What are we missing?   
  • Concerns about D&I becoming an exclusive industry – who’s not in the room?


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$435 per person (non-EEON full registration) > 1 Sep
$165 Unwaged and/or Students

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