August 7, 2018 at Australia Post, 111 Bourke St, Melbourne CBD

The bi-annual EEON Summit was a huge success – with a room full of engaged practitioners all working towards a common goal to learn, think, and DO more about diversity and inclusion.


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About the Summit

This year we were proud to welcome our keynote presenters Professor Calum Drummond, Duncan Smith, Fadzhi Whande, Donna Purcell and Karen Milward – see below to learn what they will be speaking about and to view their presentations.

Summit Themes 

  • Leading for inclusion  
  • Harnessing group power and diversity of thought (including cognitive diversity)
  • The changing narrative and landscape of diversity & inclusion
  • Points of difference in current D&I strategies (science, business, storytelling, fads)
  • Inter-generational relationships between long standing and newly emerging D&I practitioners
  • Make your D&I strategy work
  • Impact of global activism on employment  

Keynote Speakers

Professor Calum Drummond (RMIT): Click to download: Calum Drummond Presentation

RMIT’s Women in STEMM initiative – leading for inclusion

  • RMIT’s journey and aspirations in its Women in STEMM initiative (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine)
  • Enabling leaders and scientists to champion Women in STEMM initiatives
  • Using your influence to engage and enable future scientists
  • Achieving gender parity and equality in the sciences

Duncan Smith (ADC Associates) -Click to download the worksheet he references, and then  Click to view Duncan’s video presentation

The changing world of Diversity & Inclusion – video presentation

  • Latest Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks
  • Future trends in the practice of diversity & inclusion
  • Exploring the underlying assumptions in our own practices

Fadzi Whande – Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategist – Click to download the handouts: EEON Handouts_Fadzi.

Building a culture of inclusion through racial equity transformation

  • Raising consciousness and developing competency to make lasting change
  • Promote a deeper understanding of power, privilege and whiteness and how it impacts on workplaces
  • Examine the CCAR protocol developed by Glenn Singleton, Pacific Education Group

Donna Purcell (Commonwealth Bank) – Click to view her speaker notes

Removing barriers & disabling labels

  • Providing an exemplar employee experience for people with disability (personalisation and not labelling or boxing people)
  • The changing narrative of disability (non-deficit language)
  • Improving the representation of people with disability in senior leadership positions
  • Leveraging change outside of HR
  • The balance between outward facing and inward facing work (eg. Customer service & community engagement)

Karen Milward (Karen Milward Consulting) – Click to download: Karen Milward Presentation

Achieving Authentic Workplace Inclusion for Aboriginal people

  • Disrupting HR policies and practices (going outside the norm)
  • Cultural Safety and why it’s so important
  • Valuing and applying Aboriginal knowledge to male workplaces more authentic

Learn more about our table leaders:

Rowan Arndt

Rowan Arndt is the Global Workforce Inclusion Specialist for Boeing Australia.

Rowan joined Boeing in July 2017 to help shape the D&I agenda in Australia. As a result of a 30 year career, Rowan’s expertise lies in both the design and delivery of strategy and implementation plans across the multiple dimensions of diversity.

His career includes a range of experiences from an Inclusion consultant and the founder of 2include P/l, the Group Head for D&I for the National Australia Bank and held a range of relationship, operational and sales position with Domestic and International banks where his inclusive leadership journey began.

Rowan is on the executive board and President of NEEOPA, and an adviser and member to the NSW Council of Pacific Communities.

Michelle Sheppard

Michelle Sheppard is an American Trans Woman, who has raised awareness in and out of the wider LGBTI+ community through her work co-hosting and co-producing radio shows on Melbourne’s JOY 94.9 FM.

Michelle is a regular guest blogger and is often found consulting and contributing on diversity policies for workspaces in Australia and the United States. She is an inspiring trans advocate for youth and adults alike, particularly in her role as public guest speaker at employment forums for Transgender job seekers where she shares her deeply affecting account of discrimination publicly, privately, and with employment.

Many business owners would be surprised if they knew just how many cultural sensitivity issues occur right in their place of business, both between employees and from employees to customers. Michelle creates a relaxed and open environment where she addresses the needs for diversity in today’s workplaces where we have more employees that are diverse, and they will need to work together more effectively. Workplace diversity training is designed to promote understanding of differences among employees and their managers. Further her training addresses the sensitivities that a company’s clients might face.

Julie Chai

Julie is CEO of the Asian Leadership Project, first-to-market business in Australia with a mission to fast-track diverse Asian talent into Leadership.

Julie brings 15 years’ experience from private, public and not-for-profit sectors working in Diversity and Inclusion, Organisational Development and Human Resources.

Julie previously served as State Vice-President and Councillor for the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and is a current Executive Member of the NSW D&I Practitioner Association (NEEOPA).

Hala Abdelnour

A lover of languages, people and creativity, Hala has lived, travelled and worked in more than 45 countries across Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. She is an expert group facilitator in a range of fields including diversity, communication, team-building, strategic planning and decision-making. Hala is a strong advocate for promoting intercultural exchange, personal development and sustainable living.

Hala is the founder and Director of Global Echo Consultants, a change agency focussing on effective strategy, diversity and collaboration. Trained in Psychology and Social Work, Hala seeks to share ideas and knowledge that allow to grow together through their working relationships. She has dedicated her career to working with diverse populations and exploring innovative business practice and effective behavioural change processes.

Deborah May

Deborah’s greatest wish is for Australian society to become more expansive, collaborative, creative and kind – a society in which everyone has a voice and the opportunity to contribute to the decisions that affect our lives, our planet and the future of our children.

Motivated by her personal vision she founded The May Group in 1998, grounding her work in her own extensive evidence-based research. She is a Fulbright Scholar, with an Arts/Law degree from the Australian National University and an MBA from Simmons Graduate School of Management, Boston.

Deborah was appointed Honorary Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) for her research into gender equity and unconscious bias in the Australian Public Service in 2012.

Deborah is an avid reader, keeping up to date with the latest research in neuroscience and unconscious bias, and the role of mindfulness in ameliorating the effects of bias in organisations. Mindfulness meditation is an integral part of her personal and professional practice.

Ali Ahmed

Ali Ahmed is a dynamic leader with extensive experience in leadership, innovation, business development, strategic planning and operational management with a solid track record of success. He has a demonstrated ability to build capability and engagement in diverse communities, youth, families and various other stakeholders to deliver results and drive growth through a collaborative and authentic leadership style.

He is CEO of Youth Activating Youth, a non-profit organisation that assists disadvantaged multicultural Australian youth to re-engage in their communities.

Ahmed Hassan

Ahmed Hassan is a respected advocate for Melbourne’s multicultural community, working with government, police and industry to highlight the issues faced by disadvantaged youth. At just 18, he became the Co-Founder and Director of Youth Activating Youth, a not-for-profit organisation that is helping young people re-engage with education and employment.

Born in the northern suburbs of Melbourne to parents from Somalia and Eritrea, Ahmed is driven by a passion for social cohesion and bridging cultural divides. He is working hard to empower and motivate young people to break the cycle of disadvantage, with his efforts recognised by appointments to the Multicultural Youth Network, African Australian Community Taskforce and Deputy Chair of the Victorian African Action Plan Implementation Committee.

Ahmed is studying a Bachelor of Information Technology Melbourne Institute of Technology and aspires to be a Champion for Multicultural Communities.

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