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Our 2021 forum on Radically Rethinking Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace included deep listening, human connection and a time for reflection on our practice (something we have to continually make make time for). We explored five different approaches to diversity, inclusion and equity work and how they intersect and how to find a balance between them. 

  1. BUILDING COMPETENCE – This approach focuses on increasing the competence of individuals to interact more effectively.
  2. BEING IN COMPLIANCE – This approach focuses on rules, codes, legislation, or regulatory requirements.
  3. HONOURING DIGNITY – This approach focuses on secular, religious and spiritual recognition of the value and interdependence of every human being and our interdependence.
  4. DEVELOPING THE ORGANIZATION – This approach focuses systemically on improving organizational performance.
  5. ADVOCATING FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE – This approach focuses on achieving fairness, and equity, locally and globally. 

The conversation in DEI has matured and through our unity and shared practice we continue to accelerate action. We hope this inspired and stretched your thinking. Sustaining our work in a virtual world is so important.

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